January, 2012



NuENAT is a mixed forms of naturally vitamin E (as alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta tocopherol). NuENAT widely recognized for its antioxidant activities, appears to e protective against cardiovascular disease. It may be effective in protecting against air pollution, some toxins and protect skin from ultraviolet.

NNO (Nourishing Night Oil)


NNO (Nourishing Night Oil), contains the world’s best moisturizing agent, contains the right quantity and combination of Jojoba Oil with the world’s most powerful anti oxidant natural Vitamin E to overcome under eye darkness, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. According to a study by the Spin Control Institute of France NNO mimics the skin’s […]



Hi-green is a special formulation of a green tea extract produced by patented Hyperpure technology and does not contain lipophilic compound which may contain toxic substances. Green Tea extract containing the catechin EGCG could help to enhance fat metabolism and block fat enzyme, and ease the complications of obesity. Hi-green, could help loosing weight. It […]



GLOW is a complete skin care nutrient in form of a soft gel capsule. Skin is exposed to harmful forces during daytime e.g. UV rays, pollution, imbalanced diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, Glow defenses the skin against these hostile assailants and nourishes the skin from within. mygrouphealth . Glow is a natural nutritional supplement based […]



Ultrapro is a superior everyday protein for sports men and athletes who require maximum lean muscle with low body fat levels. Pure whey protein (whey protein isolate) in Ultrapro is the fastest acting and the most bioavailable protein you can use. Because it’s pre-digested you get an immediate influx of amino acids and peptides into […]