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1. How soon can I expect to see results with PYNOCARE?

  • With continuous use of PYNOCARE, it is possible for you to see visible results within 8 to 12 weeks. However, results vary from person to person and are also dependent on the type of pigmentation.
  • Surface (Epidermal) pigmentation responds better and faster as compared to deeper (Dermal) pigmentation. Glow & Pynocare combination works effectively to provide a radiant & glowing with even skin tone.

2. Does PYNOCARE have any side effects?

In very rare cases, PYNOCARE may cause minor stomach upsets, so you are advised to take PYNOCARE with meals to avoid this from happening.

3. Is PYNOCARE safe?

PYNOCARE is completely safe as it is a 100% natural formulation without any added preservatives or chemicals. Furthermore, PYNOCARE is approved by Ministry of Health and FDA's of many countries internationally. PYNOCARE is also clinically studied for safety & effectiveness by Spin Control Institute, France.

4. Can I take PYNOCARE on a long term basis?

Definitely. PYNOCARE is all natural and completely safe, so you won't have to worry about the side effects. In fact, the longer you take PYNOCARE, the more your skin will benefit from it. And owing to its powerful antioxidant properties, PYNOCARE also helps reduce the visible signs of ageing, so you can actually start to look younger! Glow & Pynocare combination works effectively to provide a radiant & glowing with even skin tone.

5. Can PYNOCARE be taken by women who are pregnant or breast feeding?

Although PYNOCARE is proven to be safe, as a general precaution it should not be taken during pregnancy and within first three months of lactating. However, it will be advisable to discuss with your doctor before you consume any medications in your pregnancy or during lactation.

6. Can men take PYNOCARE?

PYNOCARE caters to all skin types and research has shown that about 10% of skin pigmentation cases occur in men. PYNOCARE therefore provides the ideal solution for men to achieve an even-toned and smoother skin.

7. When is the best time to take PYNOCARE?

It is suggested you take your PYNOCARE soft gel in the morning (after breakfast) to protect yourself from the free radical from the sunlight and after meals at night to help you recover from the exposure to sun.

8. What is the recommended dosage for PYNOCARE?

For deeper (dermal) pigmentation, it is recommended to take 2 capsules twice daily with effective sun protection for 3 to 6 months continuously. For epidermal pigmentation, you can take 1 capsule twice daily after meal continuously for 3 to 6 months.

9. What is the source of gelatin for PYNOCARE capsules?

The source of gelatin in PYNOCARE is from bovine which is accredited with 'Halal' certification. PYNOCARE is consumed by many Muslim consumers not only in Malaysia but all around the world.

10. Does PYNOCARE trigger pimples?

  • PYNOCARE does not trigger any pimples.
  • As PYNOCARE is made from a combination of powerful antioxidants it helps combat pigmentation at its roots and helps in achieving an even skin tone. PYNOCARE also repairs and soothes inflammation. PYNOCARE prevents pimple flare up and instead assists in the healing of pimples due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • At this point, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce Livolin Forte which is a Liver protector which helps our body to remove toxins more effectively.
  • Livolin Forte when combined with PYNOCARE facilitates faster depigmentation effects of PYNOCARE.

11. Is PYNOCARE clinically proven?

PYNOCARE is clinically proven. A number of clinical studies have been conducted on PYNOCARE. Spin Control Institute, France and Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia are the leading studies example. The study results on reduction of pigmentation size and color intensity are as follows:-

76% efficacy rate after 8 weeks of taking PYNOCARE and subsequent improvement to 85% efficacy rate after 12 weeks usage.

12. Does regular intake of PYNOCARE cause any weight gain?

PYNOCARE contains all natural micronutrients, powerful antioxidants which do not have any weight gain properties. Weight gain could be due to other dietary factors/lifestyle conditional.

13. Can PYNOCARE & GLOW be taken together and what are the benefits of taking both these together?

  • Yes, in fact when you take both together, you achieve better results.
  • Both PYNOCARE & GLOW are state –of –the –art internal skin care supplements which help to maintain a healthy even skin tone and effective inner skin nourishment respectively.
  • Combined use of PYNOCARE & GLOW on regular basis in fact facilitates a clear even toned skin with a natural glow & radiance to your skin. So you can look your natural best with a blemish free skin when using a combination of PYNOCARE & GLOW.

14. When was PYNOCARE launched in international market?

  • PYNOCARE was launched in early 2000 in SE Asia and is presently marketed in over 15 countries internationally. Presently there are over 2.5 million satisfied PYNOCARE users internationally.
  • Over the past few years numerous clinical studies including the studies at Spin Control, France , HUKM, Malaysia , Studies in India, Philippines & Indonesia have time and again demonstrated the safety and efficacy profile of PYNOCARE on different skin types in Asia

15. How does PYNOCARE work?

  • PYNOCARE contains the special breakthrough proprietary MSCC complex which is 50 times more potent than Vitamin C & E. PYNOCARE soft gels offer an effective oral depigmentation solution by blocking the melanin secretion at the melanocytes under the skin. According to leading dermatology experts worldwide, to combat pigmentation at its roots the best line of treatment is sun block with effective antioxidant therapy. PYNOCARE therefore combats pigmentation at its roots.

  • Over 50% Malaysian women suffer from premature ageing due to skin fatigue and skin pigmentation.

    • Soothes inflammation
    • Activates collagen synthesis
    • Strengthens capillaries
    • Improves microcirculation
    • Attain even skin tone
  • 16. Does pine bark extract give the same effect as PYNOCARE?

    Absolutely not. PYNOCARE contains of the breakthrough proprietary formulation of MSCC complex which consisting of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, vitamin C,E and D.Salina Extract. To improve its bioavailability, PYNOCARE is also formulated with an innovative Actisome TM delivery technology to ensure better absorption of the active ingredients. Hence, PYNOCARE will definitely combat pigmentation at its roots more effectively compared to just pine bark extract alone.

    17. Do I still benefit from taking PYNOCARE if I don't have pigmentation?

    Yes, definitely. Even though you don't have pigmentation, you are advised to take PYNOCARE for the benefits as below:

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