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6 best high-fiber foods you must try

Fiber is required for healthy growth and well being. It is imperative for achieving your weight loss goals and reducing the risk of hypertension, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, PMS and even heart disease. So here are a few foods that are high in fiber, and are also tasty enough to consume without making a face.

Figs – One of the best sources of fiber includes dried figs and fresh figs that come with the right balance of soluble and insoluble fiber. Along with providing your body with necessary fiber, it also assists in lowering blood pressure and protects you from macular degeneration. If you aren’t a fan of dried figs, try gorging on fresh ones. You can make figs more interesting by adding them to your salads or cereals. You can even consume it with honey or goat cheese.

Raspberries – Raspberries, like all other fruits, are a great source of fiber. Raspberries are a wonderful source of manganese, which help to promote healthy bones, balance the blood sugar levels and improves the skin quality. Mixing this berry, which is also an antioxidant, with your morning cereal or oats will ensure you stay satiated for a longer time and also get your day’s dose of recommended fiber.

Artichokes – Artichokes can become a great addition to your diet as they are a fiber-rich food that is low on calories and high in essential nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants and contain an impressive 10.3 g of fiber that will also help you in your weight loss endeavors while helping to keep your blood cholesterol level healthy. Consume artichokes with a mixture of lime, black pepper and garlic.

Black Beans – Each cup of black beans has 15 g fiber. These beans are excellent for your heart as they decrease the chances of heart disease and also lower bad cholesterol. Along with being high in fiber, beans are also a great source of plant-based protein. You can add cooked black beans into your salad or prepare a bean casserole. If you like, you can pair beans with sweet potatoes to add more fiber to your diet.

Broccoli – Another interesting food that is rich in fiber is broccoli. You will not say no to broccoli once it is made into sumptuous fritters that are as tempting and appealing as it can get. Simply combine onions, eggs, broccoli, almond meal and garlic. You will be taken aback by what an instant hit it will be on the dinner table.

Avocados – Avocados are called a superfood because they are a single source of vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. On an average, one medium avocado consists of around 10-13 g fiber, which is why adding it to your meals will ensure you not only satiate yourself, but also consume essential nutrients. Avocados also help reduce your risk of heart disease while bringing down your blood cholesterol level. You can simply pile it on top of a salad and enjoy the creamy fruit that will surely tantalize your taste buds. Or, make a guacamole and slather it onto some whole grain bread to up your fiber intake.