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7 easy home remedies to reduce swelling in your legs

After a hectic day at work, a swelling in the leg is like a curse. Thought you would finish all the household chores, yet you can hardly move from your couch. If it is painless swelling it is still better, if it is not, you are in for a restless night. For days like this, we have got 7 easy home remedies that will help you ease the pain and the swelling too.

However, before we get there, it is important to discuss the reasons behind swelling in your legs. Only when you know the cause, you will be able to take preventive measures. It might occur due to – the side effects of some medicines, problems in your kidney, liver or heart, leg injury, osteoarthritis, some old injury, hypothyroidism, or even too much salt in your food. Some other common causes are obesity, pregnancy and blood clot, standing or sitting in one place for several hours like while travelling in flights or cars.

How to cure swelling at home?

Too much sodium intake might cause swelling. Since, it is not easy to measure the amount of salt we consume each day, the best way to tackle the problem is by having potassium rich food, that will eliminate sodium from your body. Banana happens to be a fruit, rich in potassium. If you have swelling try eating a banana!

Put some Epsom salt in your bath and soak in it. It is an awesome, relaxing exercise that will do good not just to your leg muscles but entire body.

Give yourself a foot massage after a bath or while in a bath. Start by massaging your ankles and go up to the knees. Be gentle and give extra attention to area around your kneecap. This is called Lymph Massage Therapy. If possible take help from professional massage therapist and don’t forget to mention your problem.

Elevating the legs might help too! You just need a mat to do this. Lie down on your back and raise your legs and arms in the air. Dangle them loosely and shake them like you are shaking off water from your arms.

Keep yourself hydrated! Drink up 7 to 10 glasses of water every day to flush out toxins from your system. Add some extra punch in the form of cucumber and lemon and you will see the difference.

When travelling for long hours, make sure you stand up every few hours and take a walk, basically move those legs.

If you suffer from swelling regularly, buy compression socks that can give you immediate relief from pain. Buy them at your local or drugstore and start with the light weight when buying.

Say goodbye to your leg-swelling woes with these easy home remedies. Remember though, that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercise and having normal weight is of utmost importance.