CEO's Message

Another wonderful year goes by bringing 2020 into our lives. I wish to thank you for all the love, care and kindness you shower upon Mega.

We have together built a caring company that thinks and changes before it is forced to and creates opportunities for fearless men & women to disrupt and Build a new Mega.

The last decade was full of activity and we delivered on our plans including developing our branded business in developing countries – ASEAN, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin American markets and CIS states including Ukraine/ Uzbekistan. We are on our path to build our medicine business which consists of prescription drugs, over the counter or self medication and complementary medicines – nutraceuticals/ medicinal supplements/ herbal medicines.

We have taken concrete steps to develop key therapeutic areas that include

Herbal medicines

Probiotics for life

Eugica - Natural cold & cough care

Medical nutrition – scientifically proven nutrition

Condition specific vitamin

The consumer health division is further developing and building on our (i) Pain, (ii) Allergy, (iii) Gut health portfolios which are targeting self-care.

Other significant investments that we have made to build and support our future plans include

Acquisition of Sandoz portfolio in Ethiopia and Myanmar.

Acquisition of futamed in Indonesia, to venture into new drugs and technologies , for the Indonesian market.

Building a new manufacturing, product development and warehousing facility in bangpoo Thailand.

New distribution center in Myanmar.

New office in Yangon Myanmar.

We have also added a few new markets to our portfolio, including Colombia.

While we continue the development of our core business, we are also progressing to keep up with the changing environment, to enhance the consumer journey for good health. Mega is one of the few companies engaged in human wellness with programs offered at our wellness we care center to help people stay healthy as long as they live.

We have also embarked on ventures to develop models based on ‘food is thy medicine’ and ‘we are what we eat’. The growth of science backed health outcomes based on plant based foods is growing. Our new businesses, natural we care, drDrink®, and investments in Pranaa® food for life are all developing.

We are confident to build on our strengths and engage with consumers to help them in their individual health journeys.

The next decade will be more interesting and opens new opportunities for Mega We Care to grow and build a sustainable and a size able business.

We have together build a caring company that thinks and changes before it is forced to and creates opportunities for fearless men & women to disrupt and build a new Mega.

The future is in our hands each one of us be the ‘wellness friend’ for those who we serve.

Smile, don’t forget what a privilege it is to be here and now in a world full of possibilities. A life lived well


Vivek Dhawan

CEO & Chief Coach