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Glow Celebrates 10 years of ‘Beauty from Within’

Manufactured by Mega Lifesciences, Glow, the pioneering complete skin care nutrient brand in the Sri Lanka, which stands for “beauty from within” proudly commemorated its 10th anniversary. The anniversary celebrations set off at Park Street Mews amidst a vibrant extravaganza that portrayed the brand’s dynamic growth over a decade, emphasizing on and acknowledging the unwavering trust placed on Glow by its customers who have patronised the brand over the years. Beginning its journey in 2005, Glow was the first to introduce the concept of ‘beauty from within’ to customers. Since its introduction to the market, Glow has been endorsed by beauty queens and reputed professionals in the beauty care industry owing to its high quality and effective delivering of results. A brand that has played a key role in helping hundreds of customers to discover their true beauty, Glow is a combination of completely natural ingredients. As such, the product contains marine protein, hydrolyzed collagen, extracts of horsetail, pine bark, green tea, tomato, D-salina and grape seeds, Vitamins C and E and lemon bioflavonoids. Made with the perfect blend of natural ingredients, Glow is proven and guaranteed to have zero side effects, while promising a fair, smooth and radiant skin, which is even in tone. It also moisturizes your skin, protecting it from harmful substances and prevents premature ageing. Due to its rich Sillica content, which is from a plant commonly called horsetail and natural Vitamin E, Glow also improves hair and nails as well. What’s more, it has been certified by Spin Control Institute of France following clinical trials as a product that is 100 percent effective in improving colour, complexion, brightness and softness of the skin without any side effects, and is the only skin care nutrient in Sri Lanka that has been certified through such trials. Further, Glow is manufactured at a plant certified by Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), Thai FDA, European Union and WHO standards. The overwhelming positive feedback Glow has received from its customers who have associated the product since its introduction, while continuing to use it stand testament to the brand’s commitment to provide only the best to its clients, and its success as the only complete skin care nutrient in the market. It is in this context, that the brand celebrated a decade of excellence, re-launching Glow to continue its success story and help thousands of individuals in Sri Lanka to look their best, with radiant and glowing skin that enhances beauty.Glow now stands for 10 years of trust and contribution towards the beauty of women in Sri Lanka. Glow can be purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets Island-wide and the general dosage is two capsules per day following breakfast and dinner. It can be consumed by anyone over age 18. Glow is imported and distributed in Sri Lanka by A Baur & Company (Pvt) Ltd, which is one of the most reputed companies in Sri Lanka. Glow is manufactured Mega Lifesciences, a world-class producer of nutritional and herbal supplements and OTC drugs. Headquartered in Bangkok, the company’s global footprint extends up to 31 countries across the globe, with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Thailand and Australia. Mega Lifesciences has been at the forefront of introducing innovative products that significantly contribute towards wellness, and it continues to journey on, to spread its commitment “We Care for Human Wellness”.

Glow’s recent anniversary event celebrated 10 years of dedication to beauty and glowing skin. Here are some highlights!