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Mega Lifesciences celebrates International Women’s day in collaboration with Rotary Mid-City

Mega Lifesciences celebrates International Women’s day in collaboration with Rotary Mid-City. Mega Lifesciences one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country with a mission to spread good health , beauty and human  wellness  among the people celebrated international women’s day in collaboration with Rotary Club Mid city at the Ceylon tourist board auditorium on Wednesday the 11 of the march’15. On this occasion Mega Lifesciences organized a health & beauty camp which conducted among the many other things  a BMI test for all the members of rotary mid-city, inner wheel and other invitees. The BMI test is a good indicator of one’s health by measuring the height to weight ratio and correlated with the normal or standard values , qualified professionals at the event explained the significance of this measure, where the ideal BMI is anything between 18 and 25, above which its termed as overweight and beyond a BMI of 28 one is considered to be obese . Obesity is a root cause of many chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and various forms of cancer.  Mr Praveen Viswakumaran, Country Manager of Mega Lifesciences highlighted this fact and mentioned that in Sri Lanka 27% of the women and 17% of men are considered to be overweight.  He also mentioned that obesity takes away years of one’s life and life off one’s years, hence its extremely important to manage one’s weight and try and keep it as close as possible to the normal values. Dr Anoma jayasinghe, the medical doctor of Sri Lankan airlines and Mihin Lanka and a Civial Aviation examiner who also happened to be one of the panelist at the function spoke elaborately on obesity and its implication on women’s health, she said that women should take time out to exercise and look after herself and her family so that many complications arising out of this condition could be prevented. In her words she mentioned that obesity  causes harm to many internal body organs. In addition to BMI, Mega also conducted a skin analysis to check the health of one’s skin. There was another section which offered diet tips through a qualified dietician. The other panelists in the session Mrs Nayana Karunarate spoke about women empowerment and about how women can get what they want in life if they are focused on their goals and pursue it relentlessly. She also quoted her own example of how she wanted to be a hair dresser even while in ‘O’ Level and how she went about convincing her mother about her dream and looking back she feels that she has no regrets because she pursued her ambition with a lot of passion and dedication. She also emphasized the fact that a woman plays many roles in life and the only one of the two sexes blessed  to give birth, which is indeed  a matter of great pride for every woman.  She summed up by saying that self help is the best help and a woman should know how to look after herself, she also emphasized the importance of staying healthy, well groomed and beautiful. Finally, Mrs Shehara Rizly, the editor of Lanka Women spoke about the role of media and women’s rights in particular. Mega Lifesciences also showcased their brands that had achieved certain milestones during its 12 years of operations in Sri Lanka. GLOW the complete skin care nutrient for a radiant and glowing skin, had just completed ten years of contribution towards the beauty of women in Sri Lanka, this year. NNO the first Nourishing Night Oil to be launched in Sri Lanka was also formally launched on an international women’s day in 2008 and having completed 7 years of nourishing the lives of women in Sri Lanka. NNO continues to nourish, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. NNO improves the moisture, firmness, elasticity and softness of the skin when used every night before going to bed. Vitavite is the first serum for night time use to be launched in Sri Lanka. Vitavite promises a fair and beautiful skin, free from dark spots, acne marks, blemishes and sun spots. Through Vitavite, Mega Lifesciences aims to promote the concept of equality, fairness and kindness among the public at large and its users in particular. Pynocare is another product which is the first and only oral de-pigmentation solution in Sri Lanka, launched about 2 years ago in this country. Hi Green is a weight management capsule  containing an active extract of green tea leaves. The catechins in Hi Green improves energy expenditure, metabolic rate and ensures an overall weight reduction of 4.6% as well as reduction in the waist circumference of about 4.8% in 8 to 12 weeks time. Lastly, a product to relieve stress and pep up one’s life in the form of a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement called Ginsomin. Ginsomin improves performance, energy and protection all day long. The function ended on a healthy note with a message…stay healthy…stay beautiful