High potency B complex for joy of life

Nat B is a high content vitamin B formula for the treatment of vitamin B deficiency and support healthy function of body when your requirement is high as in emotional stress, alcoholics, surgery and sickness

Nat B helps in better functioning of the nervous system by reducing

  • Damage to the sensory nerves
  • Numbness, Tingling Sensation
  • Neuralgia


Each softgel capsule contains :

Vitamin B1                       50mg

Vitamin B2                       50mg

Vitamin B6                       50mg

Vitamin B12                    50mg

Nicotinamide                   50mg

Calcium pantothenate   50mg

Folic Acid                         100mcg

Choline bitartrate          50mg

Biotin                               50mg

Inositol                            50mg

For adults 1 Capsule daily, with meal or as directed by a physician.